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Helping Businesses and Industries with All Their Commercial Locksmith Needs 24 Hours a Day

In today’s world, you must place a high importance on protecting your business. Local emergency services just aren’t enough anymore so you must invest in the security of your business. We are here to help you do just that! Installation of security cameras, commercial locksmith servicesupgrading locking mechanisms, and repairing existing systems is in your best interest.

We work with businesses and industries across the board not only helping with their office, building or facility security, but also with their vehicle fleet needs (see Automotive Locksmith Services). Our fast and friendly technicians are trained to be the best in the industry. The reputation of our company demands it. Excellent install and repair service and attention to detail gives you the best quality service at affordable rates.

 Commercial Locksmith Services Include:

  • Master Lock Rekey – if you are concerned about unauthorized people having keys our technicians can rekey the lock quickly.
  • Deadbolt Lock installation – adds resistance to entry without the correct key. Ask our technicians to determine the best solution for you.
  • Mortise Lock installation – a lock that fits inside of a pocket cut in the door and used in high traffic areas that need a heavy duty lock.
  • Profile Cylinder Lock installation – allows single key use or setup of a master key system. Works great for limiting access to sensitive areas of your business.
  • High Tech Locks – are all but impossible to pick and can’t be unlocked by “bump keys” popular with burglars. Some models have keys to prevent duplication by unauthorized personnel. Better resistance to forced entry by prying, hammering, sawing, or wrenching.
  • Automatic Door Closers – controls the opening and closing of the door.
  • High Security Locks – are designed to resist forced entry by making it too time-consuming or expensive to be a feasible target.
  • Magnetic Door Locks – intended for interior doors and emergency exits and satisfies the most rigorous demands of security professionals and fire safety codes in the world
  • Access Control Systems – can be a door or other barriers like a turnstile or parking gate where access can be controlled electronically.
  • Panic Hardware – is a device used for emergency exits like fire escapes. A metal bar that unlocks a door for a quick exit of the building.
  • CCTV Installation -surveillance camera system installed by our technicians.

Don’t worry if you are not sure where to start. We have built a reputation of excellent customer service and are happy to advise. Our technicians are helpful, friendly and take great care during a security consultation to secure your business. We will help you find the solution you need.

We know security is your top priority, depend on us for the most comprehensive, responsive service and support! Our professional qualifications mean that we can show you how to safely, securely and efficiently manage every opening in your building.

Call us today and we will be your go-to, on-call 24 hour commercial locksmith.

A magnetic door lock can provide easy access while securing a door. This is a great lock to use in a space that needs to be accessed often. Surface mounted magnetic door locks come in fail safe and fail secure options so you never have to worry about the strength of your door.

Our trained and licensed staff will be in your business with as little disruption as possible because we value your time! We provide services 24/7 if you encounter an emergency that cannot wait until regular business hours. Don’t leave your business exposed without security and trust that we can provide the right solutions for you on an emergency basis.

A magnetic lock uses state of the art technology, and we can guarantee the work done will be done right with your 100% satisfaction in mind.

When it comes to keeping a commercial building or office space safe, panic bars are one of the most effective devices you can have installed. These exit devices are essentially the only means of locking a door from the outside, while still allowing people to exit from that same door without having a key.  Touching the panic bar and pushing it in towards the door while simultaneously pushing the door open allows you to safely and quickly exit a room in an emergency.

Most commercial buildings use this feature on their doors because it is the best way to ensure an exit if some type of emergency occurs inside, such as when a fire breaks out. Panic bars must be installed by a reputable company, such as by our expert technicians.

Master Lock Key Systems for Commercial Businesses Hotels, office spaces, and schools are great examples of the types of business that can benefit from this lock system. Maintenance, housekeeping, and security staff need to have access to all rooms while still limiting access to others. Master key systems provide a key that only unlocks only specific rooms; however, staff can have a key that can unlock all doors as needed. This lock system keeps your space secure and still accessible.

Master key services are one of our specialties and a regularly provided service. Put your faith in us to get the job done right every time. Your emergency is our emergency and we take your concerns seriously. We work around the clock to make sure you are happy. We specialize in master key systems, but also install and repair a variety of different types of locks.

Don’t take your business’ security for granted and only trust our team for your complete locksmith service to keep your business safe and secure.

Professionally Installed Automatic Door Closers The benefits of automatic door closers are limitless. They serve as a security aid, help to save energy costs, keep dirt and pests from entering your building, and are a reliable addition to your business. They're a great feature for your doors ensuring proper security and safety.

When entrusting something as important as building security to a vendor, make sure you choose one that is licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your building not only against intruders, but accidents. Our expert technicians always carry out an inspection to make sure your existing door frames are strong enough for Automatic door installation.

We'll check the door openings and the doors themselves for structural integrity and war-page before work even begins. If we see problems, we'll inform clients, and let them know what their options are. If you want to protect your business then you want the locksmith company with the most experience in all lock matters, with fast and friendly service and upfront pricing.

Video Surveillance Setup for Your Business Our highly trained locksmith techs evaluate the security situation of your business and inform you what steps you can take to keep your business safe from criminals. We offer closed circuit television installation and a wide variety of locks to keep your establishment safe from harm. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Closed circuit televisions promise top-notch security and remote viewing access when you need it most.

We also install or repair locks found anywhere within your business upon request. We are truly here to serve your business as if it were our own! When you find yourself in need of a new lock, closed circuit televisions, or other high security device, consider contacting us. We promise a 30 minute response time, and an entire team of highly trained technicians able to handle any request. We tailor our services to businesses and commercial establishments, including but not limited to government buildings, supermarkets, malls, offices, and banks.

Access Control Systems What is a keyless/keypad lock?

We offer keyless entry lock installation and repair for commercial and residential customers. A keyless locking system uses keypad locks or electronic locks as a replacement for traditional key locks. Using a unique combination of numbers and symbols as a locking mechanism contrary to the traditional key lock which uses a cylinder system these systems are easily reprogrammed. You have the ability to change the code of your keypad lock by following a simple set of instructions; moreover, these locks can be installed on any door.

Our Maintenance Services for Access Control Systems Access control systems restrict entry to designated areas or rooms to certain authorized people who possess the correct credentials. Designated users need to input a code in a keypad, use a biometric fingerprint, or use a fob or keycard to confirm their identity before a door will open to allow entrance.

Our expert technicians in our 24/7 locksmith service can install and repair access control systems for your business professionally. Call us the next time your enterprise requires the assistance of a commercial locksmith!

High-Security Grade 1 Locks
Our specialists install high security grade 1 locks daily in home, office and commercial environments. Our large variety of price ranges and types includes locks with extra-long bolts, reinforced plates, extra-long screws, and anti-pick pins to give you peace of mind and extra protection.

No matter what the circumstances, whenever you need us, we guarantee a 30 minute or less response time. Malfunctioning locks, security breaches following an attempted burglary, or just upgrading your current lock systems our professional staff offers fast and friendly service and upfront pricing.

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