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Did you know that locksmiths were used hundreds of years ago? A Locksmith was a very honorable and important skill that not very many people had. There’s so many cool and interesting facts about locks and locksmiths that a lot of people don’t know! Here we share with you some pretty awesome locksmith facts.

Fun Fact #1

King Louis the XVI was a Locksmith who acquired his skills out of pure interest and often duplicated keys for fun.


Fun Fact #2

The ancient Egyptians made the first recorded wooden lock, the oldest lock in history is over 4,000 years old.

Fun Fact #3

In mythology, keys and locks have always had a certain mystique. Holding keys represents power, authority and security. The gods themselves, along with goddesses and saints, are believed to hold the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fun Fact #4

Magician Harry Houdini was trained as a Locksmith at age 11 and practiced escaping from countless real locks.

Fun Fact #5

Mr. Samuel Segal (a former New York City policeman) invented the first jimmy proof locks in 1916. Segal holds over twenty-five patents.

Fun Fact #6

In Ancient Rome, women were the keepers of the keys. They sometimes wore rings of keys attached to their hair pins

Fun Fact #7

One of the basic lock designs is the lever. A small lever made of metal works with a bolt, and this design dates back to the Roman Empire.

Fun Fact #8

Locksmiths can duplicate almost any key!

Fun Fact #9

There is a lock picking championship, called the Dutch Open (organized by TOOOL) that began in 2002 and hosts competitors from around the globe.

Fun Fact #10

Pad locks were very popular among merchants and travelers and were often intricately and beautifully decorated.

Fun Fact #11

Early metal locks were artistic with remarkable geometric shapes and symbolic representations of animals and religious images.

Fun Fact #12

Locksmiths are very educated! They combine the trades of a carpenter, mechanic, machinist, and security expert.

Fun Fact #13

Traditionally, a locksmith did not only help to open and install your locks, but built them by hand, including customized designs.

Fun Fact #14

Keys can be double sided or four sided, for extra security depending what you prefer.

Fun Fact #15

Romans used to wear keys as rings as symbols of wealth, and for security.

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