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We’re the #1 place for you to come when you need help with the locks in your home.

We work with residential customers all the time, and we have created a complete locksmith service that deals specifically with security systems for the home. We are dedicated to helping people, and our 24/7 locksmith service works quickly to install and repair anything that has gone wrong in your house.

residential locksmith services 24 hours a day

Our Residential Locksmith Services

Our residential locksmith services provide for emergency situations as well as routine rekeying. We want to make sure that you get everything you need to make your home feel safe. Have a look at what we can do for you when we come to your home for 24 hour residential locksmith service.

  • We have 5+ years experience on every crew
  • We offer a complete security inspection
  • Our 24 hour residential locksmith offers up front pricing
  • Fast and friendly technicians
  • We are licensed bonded and insured to protect you
  • We have 30 min response times for all calls

We handle lock rekey, deadbolt locks, mortise locks, profile cylinder locks, high tech locks, home lockouts and lock change services.

We can install newer locks that will fit your house’s style and needs. We have enough industry experience to figure out what will work best to fit your specific needs. Your safety is paramount in our mind so rest assured our residential locksmith technicians are always on call.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best choice for a 24 hour residential locksmiths because we make sure that you get up front pricing, and we will step in to help you pick out the locks you need for your house. Think of us like security consultants who will be able to help you make your house safer, and we will key the locks based on your needs.

Our pricing is based on the savings we want to pass on to you to make sure that you can afford our services. We will show you what must be done, and we can give you a list of options available to you when you call. We are at your disposal so that you can save money and protect your family.

Smart Locks

Installing electronic deadbolt locks can be a modern alternative for both your home and business. Electronic deadbolt locks operate similarly to traditional locks minus a physical key and can be reprogrammed easily when needed.

Electronic deadbolt locks are the latest technology on the market and we offer multiple varieties and styles to meet your needs. Keypad locks add an additional layer of security. Even more secure, the latest biometric locks on the market require a fingerprint scan to open doors, ensuring only authorized individuals have the ability to enter.

We can help you install a keyless entry system or even a bluetooth lock. Bluetooth locks are unlocked via your smartphone from anywhere in the world, granting you control 24 hours a day! These locks are great for allowing you to open the door for guests when you are away without having to give away a set of keys.

Types of Smart Locks we carry:

  • Biometric locks
  • Bluetooth security systems
  • Cryptographic keys

Home Security Cameras

Ensuring the security of your family, valuables, property, is as important to us as it is to you. We have a reputation for providing professional, and quality local service, as you can see by our upfront pricing policy, 24/7 availability, and under 30 minute response times.

Installation and Repair Services for the Home

Feeling safe in your home is of the highest priority. Installing a Home Security Camera can let you breath easier while your children are in the hands of a nanny or babysitter. Exterior cameras stand up against the elements while keeping an eye on your entry or yard while covert cameras are good for a stealthy view of a fixed indoor location. We also install dome cameras, infrared cameras, day/night vision, and bullet cameras to suit your needs. Systems can be wireless , network/IP, or analog.

Our expert technicians install and place your cameras wherever you need them, and gladly help you decide on the best placement if you’re unsure. A properly functioning and well placed security camera allows you to monitor the security of your home 24 hours a day from afar. Regular maintenance service for existing security cameras is also a wise move. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

Profile Cylinder Locks or Euro-Profile Locks

Profile cylinder locks are also known as Euro-Profile Locks.The security provided by cylinder locks has no rival in traditional lever locks because cylinder locks are manufactured from heavy metal. These locks are very tough for thieves to pick. Being surface mounted, they have no edge to pry against making these a great choice for your business security. Our locksmiths are well versed in cylinder locks, and handle high demands for securing homes, office space, retail stores, and manufacturing and commercial buildings.

Cylinder locks are perfect for allowing variable access for different personnel with the same locks, but with different keys via a master key system. This enables the use of master keys for all-areas access, but limited access to specific personnel, repair contractors, temporary workers, etc.

Expert Locksmiths

Working as a team, we regularly install and repair profile cylinder locks,as well as re-key existing cylinder locks. We are always available to assist you!

We guarantee our pricing and our service. We will assess your locks and recommend only the necessary repairs or installation to make your property safe again. Our decorative styles and metal finishes are designed to match whatever decor you have and fit both exterior and interior locks. Call us today for a security audit and quote for Profile Cylinder Lock Installation in your home or business.

Broken Key Replacement

Our trained, certified professionals can easily replace and repair broken locks or even extract broken keys from your home locks. Keys can become jammed due to weather or faulty mechanisms. Over time locks break down and without regular maintenance your chances increase of needing key extraction services. We can extract keys from locks and if needed replace the mechanism to ensure easy entrance.

Whatever issues you have with your home locks, we can easily resolve them with our fast and friendly, residential locksmith services, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. With up front pricing, fast and friendly service, and mobile services, we will be sure to get you out of your jam and on with your schedule.

Video Surveillance Setup For Your Home

Our highly trained locksmiths evaluate the security situation of your home and inform you what steps you can take to keep your home safe from criminals. We offer closed circuit television installation and a wide variety of locks to keep your establishment safe from harm. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Closed circuit televisions promise top-notch security and remote viewing access when you need it most. We also install or repair locks found anywhere within your home upon request. We are truly here to serve your home as if it were our own!

When you find yourself in need of a new lock, closed circuit televisions, or other high security device, consider contacting us. We promise a 30 minute response time, and an entire team of highly trained technicians able to handle any request.

We tailor our services to fit your home.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are a great security feature for homeowners and businesses. We have been installing and repairing deadbolt locks for years and our experience shows in the quality of service we provide.

Our Deadbolt Lock Services

A deadbolt lock has a steel bolt that goes into a strike plate on the door frame when locked. We work with both single and double cylinder deadbolt locks and are proud to offer keyless varieties of deadbolt lock as well.

It is imperative that a deadbolt lock be installed correctly so it maintains maximum security. Deadbolts provide consistent protection and security for residential and commercial properties.

We stay on the cutting edge of technology and our technicians keep up-to-date on all of the latest techniques. Rest assured that our skilled technicians will install your new deadbolt locks correctly and fix any issues with your current deadbolt locks.

You will be further assured to know that all of our services are guaranteed. We have a great reputation for quality work and we maintain that reputation by providing affordable solutions for businesses and residential properties. Call us 24/7 for more information or to schedule a security audit!

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