24-Hour Locksmiths in Bend Oregon - 24-Hour Locksmith ProsThere is a burglary every 18 seconds in the US. Most home burglaries happen when no one is in the house, fortunately. There are also many occasions when burglars sneak into the house when there are people already inside. This has often led to violent altercations between the intruders and homeowners.

That’s why it is so important to fortify your home security and do everything possible to prevent burglary. It is not just your property that is at stake – it is also about the safety of your family. Here are some of the things you should be doing.

5 Ways to Make Your House Burglar-Proof


#1: Get a home security audit done by a residential locksmith.

It is really important that you should get a home security audit from a reputable residential locksmith company. The residential locksmith will check for any vulnerabilities in your front and back entrances and other spots in the house. They carry out mock attempted break-ins and find out how your well your property holds up against that. They give you tips on what should be done to make your house safer.

#2: Install deadbolts on the front and back doors.

34 percent of burglaries occur through the front and back doors. So do everything possible to secure the doors. First fortify the doors with a door jamb. Next, hire a locksmith to install double key deadbolt locks on them. With these locks, you need a key to unlock the door from outside AND inside the house. They offer the best possible protection against burglars.

#3: A dog is your best protection against burglary.

The best way to protect your property from burglars is to get a dog – one that is alert and sharp. Dogs are by far the best alarm systems you can have. The burglars of today are very smart – they can even work their way around modern electronic alarm systems. But they cannot hoodwink an alert dog. The dog doesn’t need to attack the burglar, it doesn’t have to bite – it just needs to make a lot of noise. Burglars generally avoid homes that have a pet dog.

#4: Make your landscaping burglarproof.

You should start by trimming the shrubs and bushes near the windows. They serve as ideal hiding spots for burglars as they wait for their chance to pounce. Make sure that your front yard and back yard are well lit. Install motion sensitive lighting. Bright lighting dissuades burglars as it exposes them to the homeowner and to those on the streets and takes away the element of secrecy which is so important to them.

#5: Keep your doors and windows closed at all times.

Most people don’t realize how important it is to make sure that their doors and windows are always closed. An average burglary in the United States takes only 9 minutes – it takes just 9 minutes for a burglar to sneak into your home, grab the valuables that they can get their hands on, and get out before anyone notices them. You can be sure that there is someone watching you at all times – all they need is for you to leave the front or back door open and leave the house only for a few minutes to run an errand or visit the neighbors. Also, make it a point to keep the front door windows always shut. 23 percent of break-ins occur through them.

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