Despite the dangers of being locked out, some people may avoid calling a professional in an attempt to save money. They may assume they can solve the issue on their own.

Reputable locksmiths provide fast, affordable service. They have extensive training, and their expertise comes at a price.

Locksmith rates vary, and it’s important to know ahead of time what could affect the final bill.

Locksmith price guides exist online, but our guide provides a more comprehensive explanation of locksmith services as a whole. Read on for more information on average locksmith costs and the factors that affect them.

Why Would I Need a Locksmith?

Not everyone may think that they need a locksmith, as the word brings to mind the image of a professional picking a lock to allow their client into a building. This is certainly one service that locksmiths provide, but it is not the only one. Knowing all the possibilities helps determine why and when you may need them.

Two of the most important and frequently used services locksmiths provide are replacement and rekeying. These crucial security measures keep locks in pristine condition and prevent unwanted access to buildings, vehicles, and more.

There are various legitimate reasons to change a lock. Lost keys, break-ins, move-ins, and lock age are just a few examples. Locksmiths make the process easier, faster, and safer.

It is sometimes also necessary to replace a lock. This is a complicated procedure, requiring a professional to complete effectively. If the new lock is not placed properly, it will be no more effective than the old one.

After a lock is replaced, it’s important to create a new set of keys to prevent unwarranted access. A locksmith can perform this rekeying process easily.

There are many other reasons to hire a locksmith, as they do much more than break into buildings. It’s possible to lose access to almost anything with a lock, from a car to a place of business. Depending on what’s inside, this can create a major issue.

It’s important to know what locksmiths do, but it’s also important to know how much their services cost. This depends on various factors, but there are general ranges that most services fall into.

Locksmith Rates

There is not a single rate that every locksmith service provides in every circumstance. No situation is the same, which is why there can be no single answer to the question of how much do locksmiths charge.

There are general ranges that specific services usually fall into. Locksmith rates depend primarily on the type of services they’re providing, as they can crack various locks of different complexities.

Almost all locksmiths charge a minimum service fee in exchange for their time, effort, and expertise. This is a minimum amount that ranges from $30-$150, depending on the company, the type of service they provide, specializations, and other factors.

Most reputable locksmith services are just as adept at providing access to a vehicle as to a building. The average locksmith costs for automotive services like unlocking a car range from $50-$250.

Rekeying and lockouts are two of the most common building-related services a locksmith provides. They require a different process and thus come at a different price.

Rekeying applies to cars, residences, and commercial buildings. The service ranges from $18-25. The price will depend on how many keys need to be replaced and the difficulty of doing so.

Lockout prices depend on the building in question. Residences usually cost $75, while commercial buildings average at $85.

The average cost of hiring a locksmith service is $100-$200 in total. The provider may be able to estimate costs ahead of time, but they may not be able to give an exact number until they arrive and assess the situation.

Factors That Affect Rates

Locksmiths are selling a service, not a product. As such, locksmith rates differ based on several factors.

One important consideration is whether the keys and/or locks need to be replaced. It’s not always necessary, as many experienced locksmiths can pick a lock without replacing it. If rekeying or replacement is necessary, these complex services will lead to a higher rate.

The price of a locksmith also depends on how far they have to travel from their normal area of business to answer your call. The longer the distance, the higher the price.

Another factor affecting price is the time of the call. The later in the day an issue gets phoned in, the higher the price to fix it.

Knowing all the factors that can potentially affect the price of locksmith services makes you a smarter shopper. It allows you to know how much a project should cost ahead of time and avoid being overcharged.

Types of Locksmith Services

Locksmiths can provide a range of services to provide access to locked buildings and/or vehicles. They fall into certain categories, and the rates vary for each.

It’s important to understand the differences between the services a locksmith can provide. This allows you to know when to request each one and how much it will cost.


Emergency services are necessary in situations where the customer needs work done on a lock immediately. This usually involves safety concerns but can apply to any critical situation.

Emergencies happen without time to prepare, and they are usually the sort of calls that come in at late hours. Some companies charge an extra fee for these short-notice jobs. Others specialize in emergency services, which leads to higher overall costs but quicker service.

Regardless of the company, emergency locksmith services range from $150-250. This can be a small price to pay to reenter a building and/or vehicle in a dangerous situation.

Having a professional locksmith service on-call can make emergency situations less frightening. Browse our emergency services to gain immediate access to a building and/or vehicle.


Services relating to residences are fittingly known as residential services. Whether the building in question is an apartment or a home, any number of issues may require the attention of a locksmith. Over time, locks and doors rot, break, and/or must be updated.

Rekeying and lockouts are the two most common residential services a locksmith provides. As previously mentioned, these cost $50-$250 and $75-$85, respectively.

Even if a lock is functioning properly, there still may be a need for professional locksmith services. Some customers may want to upgrade to a more secure lock or install a more advanced security system. Locksmiths make this process easier.

A home or apartment should be a person’s safe haven, but this isn’t possible without working security measures. Browse our residential services to keep your residence safe.


Being locked out of a car is almost as frustrating as being locked out of a home. Anything from leaving the keys in the vehicle to having a broken door lock can require the services of an experienced locksmith.

How much does a locksmith cost to unlock a car? This simple task alone ranges from $30-$50 and can be done in a few minutes by a qualified professional. The cost will depend on the car, the complexity of the lock, travel, and other factors.

The cost to rekey a car is usually higher than simply unlocking it. It ranges from $25-$150, depending on the car being worked on.

Not being able to get where you need to go can be a serious issue, and those who rely on their vehicles for work can’t afford to be locked out. Browse our automotive services to maintain access to your vehicles.


Commercial buildings such as a factory or headquarters can fall prey to lock issues. If left unchecked, they can cost a business a great deal of time and money while employees and customers are denied access. It’s best to avoid these issues with an effective locksmith service.

Locks on commercial buildings are usually more secure than residences, but they can still malfunction. They may need to be rekeyed, replaced, or repaired, which is where commercial locksmith services come into play.

Lock issues that could cost a business substantial time and money can be solved with the help of a locksmith. Browse our commercial services to keep your commercial buildings accessible and running smoothly.

Lock Services

Locksmiths can work on locks placed on almost any device. They can also perform any necessary updates.

Lock installation and replacement are similar services with a similar level of difficulty. They both range from $60-$150, depending on factors such as the complexity and type of the lock.

Rekeying adds to the price of a locksmith service, but on its own, it is not an expensive process. It usually costs $1-4 per key, but specialized keys can cost $3-$20. Rekeying and replacement are both important security measures to ensure that no unauthorized visitors can enter a building.

Even the most secure locks may need to be updated, repaired, and/or replaced. Browse our lock services to keep locks in pristine condition and maintain access.

Additional Fees

Like many service businesses, locksmiths have standard rates they apply to specific jobs. It’s possible to research these ahead to time and find out how much a specific company charges for each of their services, but this still may not provide a complete picture of the final price.

To avoid a nasty surprise when the bill comes, it’s also important to know the extra fees customers may have to pay in specific situations. There are various extra costs customers could face that they should at least be aware of if not attempt to avoid.

There are various local locksmith services available throughout the nation, but some rural areas may still be a great distance away. There may be an additional travel fee if the locksmith has to travel far enough outside of their typical service area.

The service fee covers traffic, the cost of gas, and other relevant expenses. It usually adds an extra $10 or more onto a bill.

There may also be a fee for roadside assistance. This is an extra service that the locksmith may need to be reimbursed for.

Other fees exist, and a reputable locksmith service will be upfront about these extra charges if asked. This allows for transparent pricing that lets the customer know exactly what they are getting and for how much.

Fees are a part of any service and should be expected. They help reimburse a provider for any extra effort or costs, and they’re important to keep in mind to get an accurate final price.

Choosing a Locksmith Service

Not all advertised locksmith services are legitimate, and scams are an ever-growing issue. It’s important to choose carefully to get the best service at a fair price.

When choosing a locksmith, it can be useful to shop around. There are plenty of review sites available, and a quick trip on the Internet can help you find the best local provider.

There are certain characteristics to look for when comparing locksmith services. Make sure they are reputable and licensed, as a locksmith without the proper skills won’t be able to perform the necessary services. Also look for one with a positive reputation, fair prices, and technical knowledge.

For more tips on choosing the best provider, read our 12 things to consider and 5 mistakes to avoid before hiring a locksmith service.

Where to Find a Locksmith

Being locked out of a vehicle or building costs time and money while causing a great deal of frustration. Locksmith services solve these problems, providing access to a range of vehicles, buildings, and more.

Most locksmith companies perform similar services but charge different prices for them. One of the best ways to protect against scams and overcharging is to know roughly how much the bill will be in advance. Locksmith rates vary depending on the company, situation, and the lock itself.

We provide affordable, effective locksmith services for every situation. Our professionals can solve emergency, commercial, residential, automotive, and lock issues.

Having a locksmith service on your side is a worthwhile investment to maintain access to everything important in your life. Browse our locations to find us in your area and request our locksmith services today.

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