Types of Residential Door Locks

It’s amazing how something as small as a door can speak volumes of something as
big as a house or residential palace. Despite the tendency of the door to serve various
functions like being a beautiful welcome for visitors or anyone entering the home, we
still like that beautiful entrance to be secure. Speaking of security in the home,
residential door locks spring to mind. Every burglary thief or jaywalkers to put it mildly
loves an unsecure door, and the quality of your residential door lock might just be the
deciding factor here.

In those moments when you are away from home and can’t run after perpetrators
with your shot-gun, a good residential door lock will suffice in keeping your home
safe. There are a bunch of residential door locks to choose from if you are beginning
to feel a little more security conscious like me. Here we go:

Sliding Locks

The sliding locks are utilized in a lot of family homes. It is composed of a deadbolt and
traditional key lock. These locks are meant to be secured from within the home; they
are always installed on all interior doors that connect to the exterior. They also come
handy in the windows of the children’s bedrooms.
This lock is considered an added security, so, maybe couple it with some other door
lock. However, if installed in the children’s room, it must be placed as high as possible
to prevent unexpected injury.

Double-Cylinder Deadbolts

This is a well-renowned lock for its superior security and rigidity amongst the
residential locks out there. The deadbolt compartment is strong and is near
unbreakable or impenetrable without hacking the whole door down. This makes the
lock a near perfect accessory to foil theft and burglary.

Single-Cylinder Deadbolts

This residential lock leaves anyone on the outside and without a key stranded because
it only has a thumb lock on the inside and a keyhole on the outside. So, if potential
perpetrators do not have your key, which they most probably do not, you’ll be safe.
Home owners using the traditional type of door lock may well adopt the singlecylinder
deadbolt for beefed up security.

Here, a potential perpetrator might just have to hack down the door to get in, and I’m
thinking he/she doesn’t want all the attention that comes with that.

Keyed Entry Locks

This is the term used to refer to all door locks that use a key for access.

Mortise Lock

This type of lock is referred to as a high-tech type of residential lock in that it is often
installed with a rectangular box over it. This box is designed such that it recesses from
the door’s edge. The mortise lock is a very good lock, and it is the choice of many
home owners.

Keyless Entry System

Now, this is what I am talking about, something from this century. The keyless entry
system is a technology driven door lock where the doors in the resident are controlled
via a central security system. Access through house doors may require a code, key
card, retina scan, facial recognition and the rest of it. These locks are most suitable on
the front and back doors because you don’t want to wait for a retina scan before the
bathroom doors let you in.

The residential lock of your choice?

There are a bunch of many residential door locks and these locks offer varying levels
of security. Hence, most home owners combine two or three of these security systems
together to secure various sections of the home perfectly.


For more fun check out our locksmith Glossary.

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